Find more about starting a cleaning business in Georgia

Cleaning businesses can be very profitable and can generate revenue much faster than many other businesses. It is also possible to opt to operate your business part time as opposed to operating it on a full time basis. You need to be dedicated to offering top-notch services in order to attract and retain your customers. A very important aspect that you need to consider in your employees’ is honesty and integrity since the business involves cleaning people’s houses or offices and they need to be assured that their privacy will not be intruded upon.for more small business ideas click here

Generally, franchises cost more to start than independent businesses. They, however, have the advantage of offering support, especially in areas such as marketing, to start ups until they stabilize. The downside of starting an independent business is the lack of clear guidelines for running your business and a lot of what you do might be on a trial and error basis especially in the beginning.


Sometimes it can be difficult to get customers when you are beginning your business because most potential clients usually ask for references which you obviously do not have. To get round this problem, you can ask a few friends or relatives to let you clean their houses for free. These can then be your references. It is also important to be confident when dealing with your clients. Quality is valued more by clients than speed and you should make sure you do a thorough job even if it takes you quite some time. With practice, you will eventually reach a point where you can do an excellent job in a short time.Planning you own business here is a checklist for you

Find more about starting a cleaning business in Georgia

You need to advertise extensively especially when your business is new.check out low cost advertising options . Classifieds are particularly effective in this. To attract more customers, you should consider starting a referral program where you offer your clients discounts for referring new customers to you. A website is a requisite for any serious business and you should have one professionally designed for your business. It is also important to charge the right fee for your services. Many start ups routinely undercharge and experience problems later when they want to expand.

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