New Trends for 2014 in Commercial Awning and Signs

Whatever business you are in, you are going to have some sort of marketing plan.  You are going to have to think about how you can connect with your target market, to get people to recognize your brand, to buy your products or services, and to recommend your business to other people.  Your marketing strategy will vary depending on the type of business that you are running and which is going to be the most effective way to reach your target market.  A lot of businesses rely on having a visible presence in their local area, catching people’s eye as they drive or walk past, effectively promoting their business and their products with to visual marketing tools.  Awnings and exterior signage are some of the most effective visual marketing tools that you have at your fingertips.  In this article we take a look at some of the new trends in exterior signage and awnings so that you are in the face of your target market and one step ahead of your competition.

Assess your current inventory

Before embarking on a refresh of your awnings and exterior signage, it is important to understand what real estate you have got to play with and what inventory has worked effectively in the past.  If all you have got is a few tired posters then you will be excited by some of the latest trends that are available out there in the world of visual marketing.  A refresh of your exterior presence will catch the attention of passers by anyway – everyone notices a change, it is a talking point in itself.

Trend 1: Color

The colors used for your signage are important.  The current color palettes that are proving popular are Earth Tones; Coastal Tones; Colonial Tones; and Natural Tones.

Trend 2: Sustainability

There is no point buying a flash looking sign if it is not energy efficient or uses materials that damage the environment – think green.

Trend 3: Technology

Illuminations that work on timed phases, automatic timing controls, and digital displays are all featuring heavily.

Trend 4: Expand your inventory

Every part of your premises can be used for signage.  More and more businesses are now using window shades to make windows a key signage opportunity.

Trend 5: Integration

All of your branding needs to be consistent and complementary – not only in look and feel but also in the story that it is telling about your business.

Trend 6: Local Marketing

Use your signage as an opportunity to demonstrate your connection to the community in which you are based.  If you have a local charity or a connection to a local school, look for ways in which you can integrate this into your signage.

Trend 7: Customer Experience

Your exterior signage is often the first impression that you give your customers.  What experience does that give them?  It better be a positive one.


The marketing plan for your business is one of the most important tools for making your business successful.  Stay on top of the latest trends in visual marketing and you will stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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